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One of the UK’s Best Money Laundering Barristers

Howard is one of the finest advocates within the profession. Approachable and unflappable. Instruct and you shall not be disappointed.

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Howard is one of the finest advocates within the profession. Approachable and unflappable. Instruct and you shall not be disappointed.

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One of the UK’s Best Money Laundering Barristers

When money laundering offences are alleged and confiscation of assets is threatened, you need the best money laundering fraud defence barrister in the UK.

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 creates a number of separate money laundering criminal offences, which include obtaining, hiding, converting and removing criminal property. These can be very serious offences indeed and carry a maximum sentence of 14 years’ imprisonment.

Quite apart from defending specific money laundering charges, confiscation proceedings on behalf of clients who have pleaded guilty or been convicted of a profitable offence, have very serious consequences and can themselves be a major battleground. Each prosecuting authority now has a dedicated team of investigators and lawyers who specialise in confiscating people’s assets.

First class preparation of the defence response is essential because it is the defendant who has to prove to the court that his realisable assets are less than the amount claimed by the prosecution. If an order is made against a client and the sum is not paid, the court must order an extra sentence of imprisonment of up to 10 years. A poorly prepared defence can have devastating results for the client.

Top-Rated Specialist Money Laundering KC [QC] | London, UK, International

Expert in Successfully Defending
Criminal & Fraud charges

As a specialist money laundering barrister, Howard acts for clients in both the Crown Court, for proceeds of criminal confiscation cases, and in the High Court, for civil recovery cases. Howard’s renowned advocacy, coupled with his vast experience in all aspects of asset recovery and confiscation, make him an obvious first choice counsel in these matters.

People convicted of financial crimes or drug offences, almost always face asset confiscation proceedings in the Crown Court. However, even where no criminal conviction has been achieved, if it is believed that there are unaccounted-for monies derived from illegal sources, further action can be taken. The authorities, now the National Crime Agency (formerly SOCA), can bring proceedings in the High Court for civil recovery.

High Court proceedings are easier to prove than criminal cases in the Crown Court, and are frequently resorted to. They must be strongly challenged: the defence must be meticulously prepared and present powerfully in court to have the best chance of success.

Encrochat & Sky ECC Evidence | Money Laundering Defence KC [QC]

Prosecutors are now regularly using Encrochat & Sky ECC cryptophone messaging as intercept evidence in criminal cases. The validity of this evidence is complex both legally and technically.  Demonstrating Howard’s reputation as one of the UK’s best money laundering defence barristers, he has experience of arguing both the law and the digital forensic science – including the lawfulness of Targeted Equipment Interference Warrants under the “Investigatory Powers Act 2016.”

Some Sample Fraud Case Wins:

Drugs Sting – Not Guilty [F & OTHERS]

A solicitor, F, was caught with drugs cash in Mayfair. This was a Metropolitan Police ‘sting ‘ operation using undercover police in London and Gibraltar. The police set up a fake bureau de change in Mayfair, London, and encouraged F to import bags of drug cash from Gibraltar to London. After many weeks of legal argument in court, the judge halted the trial because of the police’s illegal activity in re-financing the drug trade. A verdict of ‘not guilty’ was entered and F was discharged.

Major Crime – Non-custodial Sentence [B & OTHERS]

B took over the running of the family’s financial affairs after her accountant husband was assassinated. The police were assisted by MI5 who secretly bugged the family’s home and recorded every conversation for two years. After months of legal argument at the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal, a deal was agreed. B pleaded guilty to a minor offence only, and received a non-custodial sentence.

VAT Fraud – Acquittal [ D ]

A Midlands businessman, D, who ran an electronics business, was alleged to have laundered millions of pounds through his business. The cash was part of the proceeds of an enormous VAT carousel fraud. After a long trial, he was acquitted by the jury. He was the only defendant who was not convicted.

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If you, or a family member, would like representation by one of the UK’s best specialist criminal money laundering barrister KCs [QCs], I am a national leading expert with a proven track record of winning both court and appeal hearings.

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