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A Best-In-Class London-based UK Criminal Defence Barrister

Howard Godfrey KC [fomerly QC]

The way Howard represented the main defendant was a master class.

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One of the Best Criminal Defence Barristers for London & The UK

Master strategist and tactician, Howard Godfrey KC [formerly QC] is renowned as one of the UK’s best criminal defence barristers.

Howard’s reputation and vast experience as an advocate par excellence, spanning over 40 years, and over 20 as a KC [QC] – is both national and international. He has defended clients charged with both serious and less serious crimes – including: appeals, murder, manslaughter, tax and company fraud, money laundering, drugs, and disciplinary tribunal cases.

Howard’s standing as one of the UK’s very best criminal barristers stems not simply from his knowledge of the law but from his cross-examination skills and the power of his jury advocacy. As Howard himself says: “The judge rules on the law, but it is the jurors who decide my clients’ fate.”

Master Strategist, Expert Tactician KC [QC]

As a master strategist, before getting immersed in the detail of a case, Howard stands back and takes an overview, so that the best way to attack the prosecution shines through. As a master tactician, Howard often gets his client acquitted even before the jury trial begins.

Howard sees his core role in the early stages of a case as manoeuvering his client into the best possible position before the trial even begins. A ‘not guilty’ verdict can arise – and often does – as a consequence of Howard’s intensive focus on pre-trial disclosure of information from the prosecution. This push for disclosure can reveal, for example, that critical evidence has been lost or improperly obtained, or there has been misconduct by the police.

Top-Rated Criminal Defence Barrister KC for Encrochat & Sky ECC Evidence | London & The UK

Prosecutors are now regularly using Encrochat & Sky ECC cryptophone messaging as intercept evidence in criminal cases. The validity of this evidence is complex both legally and technically. Demonstrating Howard’s reputation as one of the UK’s best criminal defence barristers, he has experience of arguing both the law and the digital forensic science – including the lawfulness of Targeted Equipment Interference Warrants under the “Investigatory Powers Act 2016.”

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If you, or a family member, would like representation by one of the UK’s best specialist criminal defence barrister KCs [QCs]. I am a national leading expert with a proven track record of winning both court and appeal hearings.

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